Fear OF The D4Rk

-+Fear OF The D4Rk+- BY -K@K-.exe
  • 1000 Bot Id Login Booter
  • Online small Icon Shows
  • You Can Select how much bot you want to log in
  • Packet Speed Controler are Included In The Box . By This You can control sending speed Of Boot Packets
  • Login Delay Box Also Inculded By This You Can Control Login Speed Of Bots. It Can help You beware From getting ban from yahoo Servers.(i ALready Seted Default 0.44)
  • Packet Sent Box . It Shows You How Much Boot Packet Sented From Your Booter
  • Victim Box . Here You Can Put Your victims Menually By Typing
  • SerVer Box , Here I already Used Some working Servers For Logging in Bots But If You FOund Any New servers you can type in this box . It will works good.
Boot Options ---- www.y4h-error.co.cc and www.tiktiki.co.cc ----
  • Pm = Pm I Used Some special Pm packets Which Will lagg and give flood on your pc . it works on messy 8.0 , 9.0 , Yazak and yahlite
  • Lagg = Colour Lagg Which Will Hang Victim's Client. It can also Dc Any Clients Too
  • Tunnel = A Tunnel Bomb Which Dc Tunnel yahoo
  • Lagg2 = It Another Lagg Kill Button WHich kill Victim and hang his Pc With colour and floods
  • Dc = Some C++ Codes And Imv I used It Can Dc Messy
  • Slush = It Is Slush . Many Boot Packets and number strings i used here with Fade. It Can dc yazak and Ymlite
  • Freeze = Simple Colour Lagg Helps to hang Victim's Pc
  • Kill = ITs a big option . It can flood . Lagg and Other Things Help You To shut Up victim's Mouth
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