YouPWNED V6.5 (YMCS-623)

YouPwned--V6 (YMCS-625)
500 bot login YMSG15 SSL
Update: Added Cycle Delay, and CLIENT beta options(Yazak & YahELite)
Update2: added string length/size box to input your own suggestion
  • YouPWN1 - SSLPMBombs(YaZak Freeze)
  • YouPWN2 - Multi-SSLAllowedPMBomb(YaZak Freeze)
  • GAME-C++ - Game & C++ packet(YaZak C++)
  • PMBOMB-FLOOD - Classic Pm Bomber PM4(SLB)
  • MESSYCRASH - E9 messy crasher
  • CLIENT1 - Beta1 of FB & SSLAllowedPMBomb mix - streamlined
  • CLIENT2 - Beta2 of FB & SSLAllowedPMBomb mix - streamlined
  • Beta-MessyBling - CLOSE GROUP EXPLOIT DC PM's on
Shoutz & Thanx to Jammer ofr Packet ideas, & AMD64 for VoodoEncrypt15 Special Thanx To Virus, always...

01/03/09 Public release freebie as promised a few had via VIP on 3 sites.. some shared them anywayz on other sites, no biggie, a few selected gotten the updates.. and few enjoyed that version before some clients 'dealt' with their exploits. but released this copy publicly since the showdown is now again the simple connection speed vs victim's connection speed.. pure and simple.
client tips: simply and patiently load/login 50-80 or maybe 100+ (500 max).

Lock victim's account ( with yahelite login, or ymlite extra instances of clients, etc..) then boot with CLIENT1 or 2or YouPWN1 or 2 etc..

great to hit 'noobs' with fast PC, pm's open on mic..use BETA-DC or Beta-Messy-Bling, followed with GAME-C++ or PMBOMB-FLOOD for "doink!!" error sound from victim before popping off ears

as of recent changes to clients like yazak etc... this booter joins those simple for 'special occasions'... people most of all ..have fun.. don't take booting so seriously, it's just yahoo

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