The Changcuters ( SSL Login Booter )

7 Ym Option

It supposed to hit Yahoo Messenger 8 and 9 User working many times to same victim with some trick. with auto boot victim.

If your bots does not login, try to change your bots and password.
Hit Chat Client Very fast with only 1 bot

Login problem ? just make sure you copy and paste VoodoEncrypt15.dll at your /system and /system32 folder

Your antivirus blocked the program? This program is packed to prevent crackers or preent decompiled by a ripper, that packer will make antivirus show false alarm, but it safe guarantee !

  • Conf
  • VoodoEncrypt15.dll
  • prjChameleon.ocx
  • The Changcuters
  • MSINET.ocx
Special thanks to Jeff AKA Amd46 -


For Download:

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