Room TKO V1

This is a one bot room booter with 3 very effective boot options it will dc some clients and error out all messenger builds!

How To Use

Loggin In You're Bot

Login your bot by typing in you're bot screename in the box where it says Yahoo ID and then type the password to the scrrename below that box and click login. You will know when you're bot has been connected by either the status below or the smiley face.

Joining Bot To A Room

After you're bot is successfuly connected select a room to join you're bot in by clicking the "Room List" button. After you have selected the room in which you would like to join the room list's will automaticly close. Then all you do is click "Join Room"... give it a second and then enter the captcha code it gives you and bam you're bot is in the room


After you have completed steps 1 & 2 then simply choose one of three boot options you have to choose from and let it completely go through all of the victim's in the list. You can either let it keep running and boot the room list over and over or after you have scrolled through the whole list then click stop.... it's you're choice No need to explain how to get you're bot to join voice it's self explanatory

Depending on you're internet connection speed you may want to play around with the "Scroll Speed" and "Packet Speed" Settings to best fit you.

  • yacscom.dll
  • Room TKO v1.0.0.exe
For Download:

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