Flood Boot V1

Multi Bot login to disconnected Yahoo Messenger

Replace string function

This is used to replace the separator between screenname and password flood boot v1 uses ':' so if you have a different separator like @yahoo.com or '!' you can replace it with what flood boot v1 uses ':'.. just load list and enter text 'to replace' and the 'replacing text'...and replace it and then save list. simple you can use it for whatever you want...

Invalid bots?

If your bots don't login this does not mean there trashed you probably or just banned from logging on for 24hrs so try again in 24hrs flood boot has a slow loginjust for this reason so they don't get banned

Packet pause

Default is 1 seconds do not go any lower then 0.8 seconds you bots may get banned! 0.8 worked well for me! and no ban!!

Not booting

You have probably been banned... logon the ac4 or sp1 servers depending on what server you was banned on

Not loading

The only files you need is vb runtime files of-course and kewlbuttons.ocx and kewlbuttons.ocx should be registered..other then that is should load fine

  • KewlButtonz.ocx
  • floodbootv1.exe
For Download:

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