Hackahoo Lagg a Fag v2.3

Hackahoo Lagg a Fag v2.3 This is a 2000 login hard hitting booter that have 25 boot options. This booter can boot all version of Yahoo Messenger and some chat clients. This program lagg your victim badly that your victim will have no other option but to close there client because there client will be freeze by only 150 bots. So imagine what will happen if you hit them with 2000 bots. The power of a booter is depend on how many bots you use. The more bots, means the more powerful boot. The secret to boot a unbootable chat client is to hit them with 2000 bots. And do not worry about Ban because this booter will protect your bots from getting ban quickly. So your bots won't get banned faster like on other booters. I hope you will enjoy this little program.
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