Vampiros Client Killer

Voice Register Actskin4.ocx again if the programme doesn't open, Register YSMG12Encrypt.dll to login bots.
Vampiro's Client Killer:
  • Unlimited Login
  • Adjustable Login/Packet/Cycle Speed
  • Victim Autocomplete (type a victim's name into the drop-down box and press enter. Thereafter, you can type the first letter of the vicitm's name and it will autocomplete.)
  • Optimized String Handling - Fewer jumps in memory and/or CPU usage while booting.
  • Online Checker (97% Accurate/Victim sees no packets)
  • Account Locker (Temporarily bans victim/1-3 hours/Don't overuse - it will ban you)
  • Upload Speed Meter (Measures how fast you are sending data)
by §¥§TÊ/¥\_³²__
For Download:

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