Da Chronic v3.5 Software


Da Chronic v3.5 Rage Against YMSG16 Max 100 bot login, only 50 required. 12 Hard hitting options. Login config options. 4 Room lagger options, room locker, with built-in chat screen with color/font/smileys.
  • Before running program make sure all files are registered on your system.
  • Login Speed is set to 4 sec default. Once your bots start to login set it to 2 pause.
  • The required amount of bots is max 50. There is no stop option. So do go crying saying i need to put a stop button. It sends the nessary amount of packet to dc a user.
  • The Hard options are : HARD DC, FAST DC, YAHOO, YAZK, ELITE, AND ALL.
  • On those options expect packet to send for about a minute.
  • Every single packet you send will hit!!!
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