Nikki's Im/Pm Hell (YMCS) NSE-600-XP-13 Software

6 Option for Yahoo Messenger
6 Option for Client

Tweek the delays when using ymcs options, to find your best hitting % as a delay is very fast 0.000 is aslo very fast bigger the strings of packets the slower the delay needs to be ymsg13 login.. refreshing bots seem to help

Beta builds.. please share NOT this application.. you are a few who have a copy of this, and may not be the best of it as of right now, since it is a developemental project.. working out what packets are best per login type.

The current login of this series is YMSG13.. we currently are working on our SSL version but seems that some packets do not work for SSL ( like the client lagg killers FB header types do not work for SSL/sp1&ac4 servers but do work for YMSG13/Mud servers)

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